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“Ragnarok X: Next Generation” Halloween Events Coming Soon!

“Ragnarok X: Next Generation” Halloween Events Coming Soon!

Halloween coming soon! In order to celebrate the arrival of Halloween, the game publisher Nuverse will have the next big update in “Ragnarok X: Next Generation”, giving players the opportunity to experience the Halloween atmosphere in the game, and at the same time receive a wealth of exclusive prizes.

ragnarok x halloween events

What is in《Ragnarok X: Next Generation》 Halloween Events?

From October 31st to November 11th, players with a basic level of 35 or above can participate in the event. As long as they go to Odin’s Stature in Prandella and talk to Jakk, they can choose 10 teams. One of the scenes. Between 8 pm and 9 pm during the event, Jakk will summon a large group of BOSS in different areas of Prontera.

ragnarok x halloween events
Players must destroy these BOSS to obtain exclusive Halloween “badge” materials and edible candies (with a “surprising” side effect!), as well as experience points, zany and rare BOSS drops. Once the event is over, players will also be ranked according to their performance. Which can also earn them additional event currency and exchange for special prizes. After the event is over, players can use the materials obtained on Halloween to exchange Jakk for various Halloween-themed items. Ranging from simple magic hats to nightcrawler resurrection and witch costume sets. Here to remind players that Jakk will only stay at Prontera for 7 days after the event. Remember to redeem your rewards before he leaves.

In addition to the Halloween event, Nuverse also announces that the GvG cross-server system will add to the game. On October 23, giving players a chance to become strong players on the server but also a chance to become a player in the entire game.

From the Halloween party to the update of the GvG cross-server system, in the foreseeable future, all players in Midgard will be very busy, because there are rich rewards waiting for players to win. If you don’t want to miss the Halloween event, just download the game now! If you want to learn more about players, you can go to the official website to check.

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