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[Steam Sales Ranking Week 41] Back 4 Blood won the champion!

[Steam Sales Ranking Week 41] Back 4 Blood won the champion!

After “New World” won the Steam sales ranking for two consecutive weeks, “Back 4 Blood”, which was only released last week, won the championship this week. Even the 3rd, 8th, and 9th places are also “Back 4 Blood”. “New World” fell to 2nd and 5th place. “The Riftbreaker”, which was also released this week,  coming to fourth place.

Let’s introduce “The Riftbreaker” today! This is a base-building action RPG survival game. Players will responsible for the important task of interstellar development, with the help of superspace armor, build bases in outer space, collect samples, upgrade technology, defend against enemies, and open up two-way time and space rifts leading to the earth.

the rift breaker

The game has three different modes: battle, survival, and sandbox. Whether you want to farm quietly, are eager to fight against aliens, or simply explore the mysteries of alien planets, I believe there is always a model that suits you.

At present, 91% of the 2166 reviews have been highly praised. In order to celebrate the successful listing, there is a 10% discount for this game, and the price is 12USD. Players who are still considering whether to start playing this game can download the Demo version on the Steam platform to try it out!


Steam Sales Ranking List Week 41 – 2021

1. Back 4 Blood
2. New World
3. Back 4 Blood
4. The Riftbreaker
5. New World
6. Battlefield V
7. Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles
8. Back 4 Blood
9. back 4 Blood
10. CS: GO – Operation Riptide

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