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[ Steam Sales Ranking Week 43 ] Age of Empires IV won the champion!

[ Steam Sales Ranking Week 43 ] Age of Empires IV won the champion!

Just last week, “Age of Empires IV” was launched and became the champion of Steam sales rankings. “New World” ranked 3rd place and “Back 4 Blood” ranked 4th place. In addition, “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy”, rank the 5th place.

 “Age of Empires IV” still uses the Middle Ages as the background. Like the previous series of games, the goal of the game is to manipulate a civilization and lead this civilization through hundreds of years of history. This game is initial with eight civilizations, including the British and the Chinese, Mongolians and Delhi Sultans, French, Russians, Roman Empire, and the Abbasid Kingdom. However, the R&D team emphasizes that they will not be limited to European and Asian civilizations. Players will build cities, manage resources and lead your army on land and sea, completing 4 unique battles and 35 missions that span 500 years from the Dark Age to the Renaissance.

This classic real-time strategy game undoubtedly attracted the return of a group of old players when it went online. According to data from SteamDB, on the weekend of last week, the number of players online at the same time was as high as 73,928. This is only the number of people online on Steam. We can see many players are looking forward to this game!

How can players who like real-time strategy games miss it? Players who want to know more details can check their official website.

Age of Empires IV Trailer

Steam sales ranking this Week 43

1. “Age of Empires IV”
2. “Age of Empires IV” (pre-order version)
3. “New World”
4. “Back 4 Blood”
5. “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy”
6. “Football Manager 2022”
7. “Age of Empires IV”
8. “Inscryption”
9. “Forza Horizon 5”
10. Valve Index VR Kit

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