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The gacha mechanism of PUBG was accused of violating the Islamic law

The gacha mechanism of PUBG was accused of violating the Islamic law

The gacha system has always been a way for many free-to-play game developers to make money. For example, “PUBG” and “Mobile Legends” have similar mechanisms, unboxing crates to obtain special items. However, yesterday (October 14), when the Malaysia MUFTI of Federal Territory (Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan) responded to netizens’ question on the official FB page, it clearly stated that the gacha system(unboxing crates to obtain special items) gameplay has gambling elements and has already violated Islamic law in Malaysia.


In the reply, MUFTI of Federal Territory explained that both “PUBG” and “Mobile Legends” have a special game currency that requires players to spend real money to purchase, such as Unknown Cash or Diamond. The purpose is to open a crate (Loot Box) that can randomly obtain rare items. However, such behavior is against Islamic law. Because in Islamic teachings, this kind of luck to obtain props is already a gambling behavior. In addition, this mechanism also deprives other players of the right to purchase the props.

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However, they also emphasized that if players use the game currency to directly purchase items in the game, there will be no illegal behavior. As long as they do not go through the random acquisition process of opening the crates.


What about the Guaranteed Gacha Mechanism?

It is undeniable that the gacha mechanism of using game currency to extract rare items does have gambling elements. Other countries such as Brazil are planning to completely ban any game with a mechanism like this. But in this regard, many games have different rules for the unboxing mechanism. For example, whether the guarantee mechanism of “Genshin Impact” will violate the Islamic law of Malaysia? We hope that it will be discussed later. Players think that in the future, will the government, legally control or directly ban all games with gacha mechanisms? Please leave a comment below to let us know your opinion.

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