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New games 2021 : Upcoming games in November

New games 2021 : Upcoming games in November

There are also many masterpieces waiting for players to pre-order in November. Among the new games 2021, what I am most looking forward to is “Forza Horizon 5”. How about you? If you still don’t know what games will release next month, just keep watching!

November 2 – [Legend of TianDing]

Available at: [PC], [Switch]

This is a 2D horizontal action game. Players will play the role of the legendary Taiwanese hero Liao Tianding, traveling through the Taipei area in the early 20th century, robbing the rich and helping the poor, fighting for justice, and exploring more heroic adventures about this legend as the plot develops.


November 4 – [Just Dance 2022]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One], [Switch]

Todrick Hall will bring specially composed songs for Just Dance 2022, and the new music MV will be released simultaneously. The game contains more than 40 new songs.


November 5 – [Call Of Duty: Vanguard]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One]

This game is based on the European and Pacific battlefields of World War II.  COD: Vanguard includes single-player, multiplayer, and zombie modes.


November 9th – [Forza Horizon 5]

Available at: [PC], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One]

This is a racing game released by Microsoft, and it is also the latest work in the Horizon series. The operating feel is also lighter and better.


November 9th – [Jurassic World Evolution 2]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One]

This game contains a fascinating new story, exciting new features, and a new dinosaur that is realistic and vivid to the trembling. With a wider range of customizing options, this version of “Jurassic World” series of games is more ambitious, exciting, and more immersive.


November 9th – [Football Manager 2022]

Available at: [PC], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One], [Switch]

“Football Manager 2022” is a football game in which players can simulate football sports. This game brings a new way to gain advantages, integrate your football concept, and win for the fans.


November 11 – [The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One]

This work contains all the content of the special edition game which is the enhanced version of the main game with three official expansions. In addition, it also includes more than 500 “mods” or unique creative club elements.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition


November 11 – [Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy”]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One], [Switch]

“GTA: Trilogy” is a role-playing action game. This game includes graphic improvements and enhanced modern game content for all three of the old version of GTA, while still maintaining the classic look and feel of the original version.


November 11 – [Shin Megami Tensei V]

Available at: [Switch]

At the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Shin Megami Tensei series, ATLUS announced “Shin Megami Tensei V” as the orthodox sequel to the Goddess series RPG game, which will be produced with the Unreal 4 engine. In the trailer, a pair of high school students who had left the group walked in front of the station, and it was not the train that greeted them in the tunnel but the corpses of the dead demon.


November 16 – [Sherlock Holmes Chapter One]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One]

In this game, the young “Sherlock Holmes” will explore the exotic and dangerous island to investigate the cause of his mother’s bizarre death prove himself.


November 19 – [Battlefield 2042]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One]

This is a first-person shooter game produced and published by EA. The game will contain large-scale dynamic destruction effects. Besides, players can destroy almost all buildings in the game map, except for the mission target buildings.


November 19 – [Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl]

Available at: [Switch]

The game stage of “Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl” is set in the center with Mt. Coronet, which has a green environment and a “Sinnoh” with many myths. Furthermore, it is an island-based in Hokkaido, Japan. The protagonist will aim to challenge the champion of the Pokémon League and travel all corners of the Shen’ao region.


November 22 – [Farming Simulator 22]

Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4], [Xbox Series X|S], [Xbox One]

“Simulation Farm 22” is a casual game simulating the business elements as the main content.



Available at: [PC], [PS5], [PS4]

“FINAL FANTASY XIV: ENDWALKER” is the 6.0 version of the massively multiplayer online game “FINAL FANTASY XIV”. The new version adds new professions, Samarium Scythe and Sage. The upper limit of the character is raised to level 90, and there are also new maps, new races, new copies, new high-difficulty RAID, new battle assistance system, new underground palace, new game + mode, new barbarians, new barbarian gods, and so on.

Lastly, for more new game releases, please visit OPGamer News.

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