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Mobile Legends vs Wild Rift: The key difference between these two

Mobile Legends vs Wild Rift: The key difference between these two

Since the MOBA game was launched on mobile phones, its popularity has not diminished. Among all MOBA games, Mobile Legends has always been at the top of the list. But just last year, game company giant Riot Games launched the League of Legend (Lol) mobile game version, Lol Wild Rift (Lol Mobile). This undoubtedly affected the ranking of Mobile Legends in MOBA games.

For old players of Mobile Legends or new players who have not yet started MOBA games, there will be a question. What is the difference between these two games? Which is better and which one should I start with? Don’t worry, we will first analyze the differences between the two to help you solve the above questions.


Key Differences between Mobile Legends and Wild Rift


Lol Wild Rift is a game developed by Riot Games. It is a game developed based on the unity engine. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game developed by Moontoon. Same as Wild Rift, MLBB is also a game developed based on the unity engine. Just this year, Moontoon was acquired by Tiktok’s parent company, ByteDance.

unity engine


Game Graphic

Let’s take a look at the gameplay videos of the two games:

Mobile Legends gameplay:


Lol Wild Rift Gameplay:

From the film, we can see that the game graphics of Lol Wild Rift are more detailed and realistic. The Mobile Legends game Graphic is more cartoonish.


Skin / Hero / Champions

So far, Wild Rift has 57 Champions (Hero). Most games have their own skins, some are free, and some need to be purchased or drawn with game currency. Mobile Legends now has 103 heroes. Like Wild Rift, most heroes have their own skins. Some need to be bought or drawn with game currency, and some are free.


In Mobile Legends, the role is not really specified. Players can play the mid-lane hero as support. At the same time, MLBB does not have a hero specified for the jungle role.
On the other hand, Lol Wild Rift Hero (Champions) is more structured. The mid-lane hero should stay in the middle. At the same time, in Wild Rift, the jungle role is specified.

Item Purchase

In Wild Rift, players must return to the base to purchase items. This is the same as the PC’s League of Legends. And Mobile Legends does not need to go back to the base to buy items, players can buy items anytime, anywhere.

Runes / Emblems

In MLBB, Emblems can use to enhance Hero’s abilities. The hero can gain extra damage, defense, etc by strengthening the emblems ability point. In Wild Rift, the name of this feature is runes. Similar to the emblems of MLBB, runes can enhance the ability of Champions.

List of Runes | League of Legends Wild Rift

mobile legends emblems


Gold Farming

In Wild Rift, players need a “last hit” minion to earn gold. If the player failed to “last hit” on the minion, the game will only reward you with a little bit of gold. The difference is that in MLBB, the player only needs to get close to the minion to earn gold. In terms of operational difficulty, MLBB will be easier than Wild Rift.


Which is better and which one should I start with?

We cannot say which is better. For players who want to start MOBA games, you can refer to our analysis above to see which one is more suitable for you. In addition, for some old players of Mobile Legends, we also suggest referring to the above analysis to decide whether to stay in MLBB or change to the wild rift.


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