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How to retrieve lost MLBB Account? – Mobile Legends account recovery

How to retrieve lost MLBB Account? – Mobile Legends account recovery

I believe everyone has the experience of forgetting the account password. But worse than that is, players of mobile legends forgot to link game progress with their social media accounts or Moontoon accounts. Many players will forget to link their accounts and log out directly. This will cause them to lose their game progress. Fortunately, the game developers have built an account recovery system to help players recover their game progress. If you have recently lost your game progress, here is a tutorial to help you retrieve your account.


Mobile Legends account recovery

Retrieving your account will not take you too much time. To make things easier, we have made it a step-by-step guide.

1. Log in to any account, whether it is a new account or an old account first. You can also use your friend’s account.


2. Enter Add friend features, type your IGN (in-game name) or account ID on the search bar, find your account and press the Check button. It is important not to forget your IGN or Account ID, otherwise, you will not be able to retrieve your account.

mobile legends check friend


3. After checking your account, record all the information. You can also use screenshots to save this information.


4. Then return to the main lobby, press the icon of the current account profile, and enter Account Setting.


5. On the Account tab, click to enter the Account Center.


6. In Account Center, click “Retrieve Account” to enter the account recovery system.


7. You will be redirected to a website with two tabs, labeling “Auto Verification” and “in-game information verification”. Click the “In-game information verification” tab.

mlbb account recovery center


8. It will ask for your account information to retrieve your account. You need to fill in the information required by the system and continue to the next step. Among the required information, one of them is the zone id. The zone id is the 4 numbers after the game id, as shown below:

mobile legends zone id


9. After that, you will enter the question-answering session. Questions that need to be answered include achievements, badges, skins you own, and so on. You can get your account back by answering these questions successfully. If the first attempt fails, you may stop first, start recalling your information, write it down on paper, and try again.


10. After retrieving your account, don’t forget to link your Moontoon account or social media account as soon as possible to avoid losing your account again.


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