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Mobile Legends Aulus Hero Guide – 5 Tips to rank up with Aulus

Mobile Legends Aulus Hero Guide – 5 Tips to rank up with Aulus

Aulus is the new fighter hero in Mobile Legends who specialize in crowd control and damages. This is a hero just released 2 days ago at August 31. We will talk about the Aulus hero guide, from the basic attribute to some tips to rank up with this hero.


Basic Attribute

First, lets talk about the basic attribute of Aulus. Aulus has a basic movement speed of 255, which is at an average level. It has a basic physical attack of 99 and physical defense of 24. Aulus basic HP is 2758, which is a bit higher than the average hero HP. From the basic attributes, we can see Aulus is a powerful hero.


Aulus Hero Guide – Skill Explantion

Passive Skill

The passive skill of Aulus will add a stack a Fighting Spirit to its attack. Each stack will increase his physical penetration and physical attack. It is up to 4 stacks. When the stack reaches full level, his movement speed will increase by 15%, which his damage will increase by 125%.


Skill 1

The Skill 1 of Aulus is Aulus, Charge. When you hold the skill, Aulus movement speed will increase by 45%, up to 4 second. If you release the skill before its end, it will slow the surrounding enemies down and deals an amount of damage to them. This skill will also create a shield in front of him. The shield will reduce the damage received from front by 30%. However, if the damage is dealt from the sides or behind, the damage reduction shield won’t take effect. The damage reduction doesn’t work for True damge.


Skill 2

The skill deals physical damage to enemies and gain 1 enhanced attack when the skill hit the enemies. This enhanced attacks have 140% will have attack speed. For each hero hit, Aulus will gain 2 enhanced attacks. Which means if 2 hero is hit, Aulus will gain 4 enhanced attacks. The enhanced attack can max stack up to 6 attacks, and last for 5 seconds long. The enhanced attack also will regen the HP of Aulus.


Skill 3

The skill creates a Lava path, which slows down enemies and deal continuous damage on it. Everytime you upgrade his ultimate skill, it will improve Aulus abilities.



Battle Spell for Aulus

Execute will be the primary option for Aulus’ battle spell. You can also use Flicker or Arrival as a secondary option.


Aulus Emblem Set

Choose Fighter Emblem on Aulus and use the talent point on physical penetration and physical attack. Use disabling strike talent slow downs will increase Aulus attack by 30%.


Item Build

The item builds for Aulus is Demon Shoes and War Axes at early game. TheĀ  middle and late game item is Brute Force, Corrosion SCYT, Windtalker and Immortality.


Aulus Hero Guide – 5 Tips to rank up with Aulus

Skill Combo

Aulus skill combo will be Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Normal Attack -> Skill 3. You may also initiate by Ulti first. Which will be Ulti ->Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Normal Attack.

Skill Upgrade

Unlock and max skill 2 of Aulus first and upgrade its skill 3 when available. The skill 1 will be the last for max.


At level 1, unlock skill 2 and pick Exp. lane. Aulus has relatively low output damage at early game. Do not 1v1 fighting face to face while laning. Try to dodge enemy skills with Aulus skill 1 to dominate the lane. If you are against strong enemies, play defensive and try not to die. After level 4 , use Ulti to clear lane and push. Besides, you may also trigger an enhanced attack with skill 2 to push faster.

Bypass Skill Delay on Animation

When you release the skill 1 before it ends, you will get 1 second animation which leads to delay in the fight. To bypass this animation, you will need to drag and cancel the skill instead of just release it.


While fighting, try to save your skill 1. It will be useful later to chase or to escape.

Aulus Pro Gameplay

Lets’s take a look for some pro player gameplay video:

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