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Steam Sales 2021 : When is Steam Autumn sales 2021?

Steam Sales 2021 : When is Steam Autumn sales 2021?

For steam users, the happiest thing is the year-end sales including Steam Autumn sales. As usual, there are three type of discounts, which is regular discount, daily discount, and flash sales. Regular discounts that are consistent throughout the sale period, daily specials that are exchanged once a day, and flash sales that are exchanged every 12 hours. Usually, the discount rate is Flash> Daily> Regular. Here are some tips for the steam sales. Before the sales begin, add your favourite game into wish list. When there is discount over the game, you will receive notification about it.

When is steam autumn sales

When is Steam Autumn sales 2021?

Steam Autumn sales is expected to active between November 24 – November 2021 according to various sources of news. The actual date is still subject to the latest official release. Even though it is generally determined to be this date. The sales will target around the period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so  the sales also known as Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday sales.


Beside cheaper games and various kinds of discount, steam also allows players to nominate their favorite games to participate in the year-end Steam Awards.

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