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Steam Sales 2021 : When is Steam Halloween sales 2021?

Steam Sales 2021 : When is Steam Halloween sales 2021?

It’s the end of the year again, this time period is the favorite time of Steam players. A series of promotional activities will come. Including Halloween sales, autumn sales, and winter sales. Among them, the first to arrive is Halloween sales. Here, we reveal the date of Halloween sales.

Steam Halloween Sales

When is Steam Halloween sales?

According to various sources, the Steam Halloween Sale is expected to be in 28th,October to 1st,November 2021. Although it is generally determined to be this date, the actual date is still subject to the latest official release.

In steam Halloween sales, there will be many horror games at a discount. If you are a fan of horror games, you must not miss it. We listed some popular horror game of steam. Hope these games will have discounts.

Dead by Daylight PS4™ & PS5™ (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)
Popular Horror Game:
-Dead by day light
-The Forest
-Hunt: Showdown

Steam Sales Tips

Here are some steam sales tips. Before the promotion, add the game you want to the wishlist. When the sales comes, you will receive a notification. This will allow you to make better decisions before buying the game. No longer buy unwanted games because of cheap prices.


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