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How to find Mobile Legends User ID and Mobile Legends Zone ID?

How to find Mobile Legends User ID and Mobile Legends Zone ID?

I believe that Mobile Legends players have the habit of buying diamonds. The diamonds can be used to purchase in-game items such as skins, heroes, etc. In fact, in addition to google play, there are many channels or websites for MLBB players to buy Diamonds. The Mobile Legends diamonds sold on these sites are generally cheaper. When purchasing on these sites, we need to fill in the user id and zone id. Some players don’t know what this is. Today, we are here to expose.

First of all, we must first understand, what is the difference between zone id and user id? Many players often confuse with these two. In fact, in Mobile Legends, the user id is the way the game server detects the user profile while the zone id is the mechanism that the game server used to detect the profile server. Both user id and zone id can be found in the same place. We will show you how to find your user id and zone id.

How to find Mobile Legends User ID and Mobile Legends Zone ID?

1. Open Mobile Legends, in the upper left corner, click the Avatar.

mobile legends avatar

2. On the right side of your Profile, you can find your User ID and Zone ID.

mobile legends zone id


3. Zone ID is the number in brackets after user id.



More tips on Mobile Legends Zone ID

Zone ID is usually 4 numbers, and there are also 5 numbers. As long as it is in the bracket, it is the zone id. If you still don’t know how to differentiate, here is another tips: the user id will always be the longer one while the zone is will always be the shorter one.


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